Smirnoff unveils ‘Moonshine’ Christmas cocktail

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The festive spirit is upon us, and the world’s most awarded name in Vodka; Smirnoff Vodka is spicing up the festive season with a new combo that will also be used to make a new Christmas cocktail dubbed Moonshine.

The combo which is a result of a partnership between Smirnoff and Mountain Dew was launched on Saturday night during the Smirnoff sponsored NTV Dance party show.

The combo comes as a special Christmas offering that will see vodka lovers get three bottles of Mountain Dew mixers, for every Smirnoff Vodka (750ml) bottle that will be purchased during the festive season.

Its from this Smirnoff and Mountain dew combo, that a team of award-winning Smirnoff mixologists came up with a beautifully blended cocktail dubbed ‘The Moonshine’ Christmas cocktail.

“It’s a month of giving and Smirnoff has something exciting for all our consumers out there. We are happy to present to you our new Xmas cocktail; The Moonshine cocktail. This tasty cocktail is a blend of Smirnoff Vodka and Mountain Dew. The two ingredients are now being sold as a combo across different supermarkets and outlets in the country,” said Annet Nakiyaga, the

International premium Spirits Manager at Uganda Breweries Ltd.

Nakiyaga said that the Smirnoff mixologists will be on the NTV Dance Party every Saturday night to take consumers through the steps of making the Moonshine cocktail at their homes or at parties.

She also added that there will be tutorial videos by the mixologists across all Smirnoff social media platforms to further help guide consumers on how to make their own Moonshine.

Nakiyaga also revealed that there will be a Moonshine cocktail making social media challenge that will see the best two cocktails win amazing prizes, “I wish to call upon Smirnoff consumers above the age of 18 years, to share videos making the Moonshineh cocktail on the Smirnoff social media pages. The best two cocktails will win amazing prizes at the end of the festive season,” she said.

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