Lady, don't allow that guy to do a Kakwenza on you! Use a rubber

Let's Talk About Sex

It is 2022. No woman should get pregnant unless they want to. No man should be tricked into believing that a woman accidentally got pregnant, and therefore, he has to stay.

In this age and era, unless a woman has been raped, there is no way they don't know that getting in bed and allowing a man to slide inside them live will either get them some disease or pregnant.

Sex is no longer a man's thing. Women should be able to walk up to a man they like and tell them exactly how they want to ride him. It is no longer up to the man to make that first move. The world moved on.

When a woman likes a man, it is up to them to either let this man know or watch as another woman takes him. It is no longer about men making the first move. If anyone finds it weird, they need to keep up with how fast the world is moving.

So if a woman can now make the first move, if she can get on top and ride a man to ecstasy, she should be able to tell that all that riding and grinding will leave a human being inside her body. And that whatever happens after that is on her.

No one knows a woman's body more than her. A man shouldn't have to be under pressure to withdraw because he is dealing with a stupid woman. Women should only be able to engage if they are able and willing to live with the consequences.

And yes, sex is amazingly sweet that sometimes you are not sure how to stop the process, but until you really are strong enough to say, today is not safe for me, leave sex to the women who have mastered what to do.

We can no longer blame men for getting women pregnant. The woman knows exactly what is going on. And yes, I am well aware of the fact that sometimes family planning can fail someone, but those are rare cases that shouldn't be happening to just anyone. God knows women who can handle certain things.

So before we start saying that our own Kakwenza got Whitehead pregnant, let Whitehead explain to us what she thought was getting inside her. Holy water? Or milk?

Women must learn that what happens after they allow a man to get inside them live is really on them, and that is the bitter truth. Once that child lands in her body, everything else is on her.

A man will walk away, and you will have to deal with everything that that human needs. If you are not sure about carrying his DNA, carry rubber and let him deposit his nonsense in it.

No one will kill a woman for going to a pharmacy to buy rubber. You can deal with one minute of judgment but taking care of another human is a lifetime deal.

Take care of yourself as a woman. That man will take a minute on top of you and will leave you with a lifetime of consequences. If you are not ready to open the legs, please do not open them.

A child will not keep a man. Do not drag another human being into these fuel prices because you think that that will make him marry you. Be woke and take care of yourself. You first.

Have amazing sex, well knowing that you are not about to start crying the next day. As a woman, you must learn to prepare for sex. As much as you look to everything for water, make sure that man is not depositing any humans or diseases.

Learn to ask and read about sex. There is nothing as sweet as safe sex.

Till next time, you get pregnant on your own.

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