Have You Tried on Uganda Law Society's Pro Bono Services?

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Have You Tried on Uganda Law Society's Pro Bono Services?
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Access to justice by the layman in Uganda is still not yet to the citizenry's satisfaction due to the high costs that most people may not afford to hire a private barrister.

However, the masses are also not informed about the legal aid clinics as the pro bono services provided by the Uganda Law Society. That means the poor litigant is only at the mercy of being provided with a state brief.

"Offering Pro Bono services is one of our mandates and the climax of it is usually exhibited during every year's pro bono week. It's during this period that advocates countrywide are very ready to assist that incapacitated individual to help them to access justice through free legal services in terms of advice, consultation and the like," explained Bernard Oundo, President of Uganda Law Society.

The Common Man's Access to Justice amidst the Legal Aid Bill Controversy.

Since the Democratic Governance Facility (DGF) which was funding most legal aid clinics packed and left, experts in litigation have been expressing the bleak future of access to justice by the common ordinary and poor Ugandan due to lack of capacity to hire lawyers.

Relieving from the matter is dependent on the legal aid being passed.

As for now, poor litigants can seek refuge from Uganda Law Society Pro Bono Services, Law Development Centre Legal Aid Clinics and a few existent others.

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