Land Disputes Soar, Court Battles Defiance of Orders

Land Disputes Soar, Court Battles Defiance of Orders
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The Land Division of the High Court has expressed worry over the increased defiance of court orders, especially by some Resident District Commissioners and District Security Committees.

While addressing the exhibition attendants at the National Court Open Day at Kololo Independence grounds on Monday, the head of the land division said that corruption has also engineered the increment in land case disputes10,000 cases where 4,000 backlog.

"We need the cooperation of the RDCs and the police and other government entities. So that justice not done but not only done but also seem to be done," said the head of the Land Division of the High Court.

"Corruption we have done our best to fight corruption. It's not all that easy. We do not tolerate corruption and our staff have been warned against the practice of receiving money from the public, political, and even from the lawyers. We may not be perfect but we strive to do perfection and where we have fallen short of expectation we undertake to improve," said Justice

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