Odinga condemns attack on Kenyatta's family 

Raila Odinga, the leader of the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition, has condemned the recent attack on former President Uhuru Kenyatta's family.

In a statement, Odinga stated that such developments are unprecedented in the country.

"We have witnessed verbal attacks on President Uhuru Kenyatta, the fourth president of the Republic of Kenya, the withdrawal of security for his mother, Mama Ngina Kenyatta, the attack on his son Jomo by unidentified individuals claiming to be police, and the vandalism of the Kenyatta family's Northlands farm," he said.

Odinga emphasised that it has been an unwritten rule in the country to let retired presidents live in peace for the sake of stability and national dignity.

He cited examples of retired Presidents Daniel arap Moi and Mwai Kibaki, who were respected and left to live in peace.

Odinga stressed that this is the norm in most countries, unless a retired president actively undermines the state.

He expressed deep concern about the current state of affairs in the country.

"I am fearful for my country.I have previously lived under dictatorship, and I fear that a new dictatorship is emerging here.We have a challenging task ahead of us," Odinga warned.

Odinga believes that Kenya and the region are facing a period of great uncertainty.

He expressed his belief that if Kenya falters, it will have negative repercussions on the East African Community (EAC), the Horn of Africa, and the Great Lakes Region.

"It is crucial to keep the international community well-informed about these developments.We need the world's understanding as we strive for a peaceful and prosperous future in this region," Odinga emphasised.

According to Odinga, Kenya has long prided itself as a stronghold of democracy, an anchor state, and the largest economy in the region.

However, he believes that these features are now under serious threat.

"Due to high taxes, a weak currency, high power costs, corruption, and nepotism, investors are leaving, and our currency is constantly depreciating," he explained.

Odinga also highlighted the growing ethnic divisions and tensions in the country, particularly in light of the government's policy to hire individuals based on their voting patterns.

"This policy is being implemented, resulting in only one ethnic community being appointed to strategic positions in the public service.This is why we advocate for inclusivity.As things stand, I fear we are heading down a dangerous path," Odinga cautioned.

Kenyatta, on July 21, 2023, vowed to protect his family against attacks from the Kenya Kwanza government.

This came after a raid by dozens of police officers on the residence of his eldest son, Jomo Kenyatta, in Nairobi's Karen neighborhood.

"I defended my country when I was president.Now that I am retired, I am protecting my family," said Kenyatta.

During a live address from his son's home, Uhuru condemned the attacks on his family.

"Just because I have been silent doesn't mean I am scared.Come for me if you want me," Kenyatta challenged Ruto.

He accused the government of unjustly intimidating his family and suggested that President Ruto should face him directly.

An enraged Uhuru Kenyatta dared President William Ruto to confront him directly and arrest him if he had violated any laws.

Despite facing direct and indirect attacks and accusations from President Ruto and his government, Kenyatta had remained silent.

However, he revealed that he had not spoken directly to his former deputy, who he believes has used state machinery to intimidate him and his family.

Kenyatta stated that dozens of police officers had raided his son's residences, which included Subarus and Prados with South Sudanese number plates.

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