Unsung heroes: The fate of people cleaning Kampala

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Unsung heroes: The fate of people cleaning Kampala
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In the heart of Uganda lies Kampala, a city vibrant with life, commerce, and culture, but amidst its beauty, lies a pressing issue - waste management. Every day, tons of garbage accumulate in its streets, alleys, and public spaces, threatening the health and well-being of its residents.

“Our group is dedicated to keeping Kampala clean. We believe in the importance of our work for the health and happiness of our fellow citizens," community Sacco members say.

How ever they say they  face divisionism amongst themselves, noting that  for example the new group of  Seven hills  is more favored by the Executive Director of KCCA, Dorothy Kisaka.

“It's not an easy job, but someone has to do it. We take pride in our city and want to make sure it's a clean and safe place for everyone."

However, despite their dedication, cleaning groups in Kampala face numerous challenges.

Limited resources, inadequate infrastructure, and insufficient support from authorities make their task daunting including delayed payments.

"We are working together with different government officials to ensure there payments, however we face issues of not knowing there actual numbers ," KCCA deputy ED,  David Luyimbazi says.

"We recognize the important role these cleaning groups play in keeping our city clean. However, we need greater cooperation and investment to address the underlying issues of waste management effectively."

Experts say, "Sustainable waste management requires a multifaceted approach, including public awareness campaigns, improved infrastructure, and stronger government policies."

However, despite the challenges, there is hope for these  many cleaning groups as they  collaborate with local businesses and community members to tackle waste management collectively."

"Through their hard work and dedication, these unsung heroes are making a difference, one street at a time. But their fate ultimately lies in the hands of a city and its people who must come together to support their efforts and build a cleaner, healthier future for Kampala," KCCA officials say.

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