Conjoined twin thrives three years after groundbreaking surgery

Conjoined twin thrives three years after groundbreaking surgery
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A conjoined twin, who underwent a groundbreaking separation surgery three years ago, not only survives but thrives in Awojangur village, Obalanga sub-county, Kapelebyong district.

The journey began with a traumatic expedition from Soroti to Mulago Hospital and back home, where the child faced challenges due to the physiology of the deceased twin.

Led by Dr. Joseph Epodoi, the Soroti Hospital's conjoined twin surgical team recently revisited the family to check on the separated child.

Despite the initial struggles and the risks involved in separating a live twin from a deceased one, the medical team, including skilled surgeons and anaesthetists, successfully carried out the life-changing operation.

Dr. Epodoi expressed satisfaction with the child's progress, emphasizing the vital role of medical professionals in reaching out to communities.

He pledged ongoing support to ensure the child not only survives but grows into a valuable member of society.

The medical team's dedication extends beyond monitoring the physical health of the child; they are also providing crucial social support to the single mother, Alinga Loyce.

In a compelling tone Joyce Alinga, a single mother facing the challenges of caring for her child without a steady income, spoke about the difficulty in managing her child's health and daily needs.

Dr. Epodoi acknowledged this struggle and assured the family of ongoing assistance, extending beyond the hospital setting.

"This child's health is okay from the time of separation. It's only the leg, which I know will be well. How to care for her is the problem. I managed a tailoring course and am now looking for a way out of a machine to sustain our lives since Papa, the one we have been relying on, is now down of concern," said Joyce Alinga.

Even beyond healthcare, the medical team took an extra step. They trained Alinga in tailoring and provided the family with working capital, including a sewing machine, empowering them with a sustainable means of livelihood.

Professor Dr Ajiko Mary Magreat, a consultant surgeon from Soroti, shared insights into the comprehensive support provided by the team.

"Our commitment goes beyond medical care. We are invested in ensuring that this family not only overcomes health challenges but also builds a sustainable future," said Prof. Dr. Ajiko Mary Magreat.

After a word of prayer with the family, the medical team surprised Alinga with a brand new sewing machine, symbolizing not only the triumph of medical expertise but also the compassionate spirit that transcends conventional boundaries.

This success story stands as a testament to the resilience of the separated twin, showcasing the commitment of the medical team to go beyond traditional hospital boundaries to support individuals in need.

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