Wave of kick-related crimes hits Kampala

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Wave of kick-related crimes hits Kampala
Derrick Mugisa, aka Musota, is now in custody

A disturbing trend of kick-related crimes has taken the city by storm, leaving residents and authorities concerned. In recent weeks, a surge in reported cases of criminals using kicks to inflict harm has been observed.

The modus operandi.

Criminals, often operating in gangs, target unsuspecting victims, especially in crowded areas like markets and bus terminals. With swift and precise kicks, they aim for the stomach, chest, or head, leaving victims writhing in pain.

Victims speak out

"I was walking to work when a group of thugs kicked me in the stomach, leaving me gasping for air," said Jane Nalongo, a victim of a recent attack. "It was a terrifying experience."

Police Response. Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, Patrick Onyango, acknowledged the rising cases and assured the public of increased patrols and surveillance. "We are working to apprehend these criminals and ensure the city remains safe for all."

Citizens are calling for stricter measures to combat the growing menace. "The authorities must do more to protect us," said Kampala resident, David Musoke. "We can't live in fear of being kicked by criminals."

Community Efforts. Local leaders and community groups have initiated awareness campaigns and self-defense training programs to empower residents.

As the city grapples with this new wave of violence, authorities and citizens must work together to restore peace and security.

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