Over 90 vehicles impounded as police crack down on illegal sirens, lights

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Over 90 vehicles impounded as police crack down on illegal sirens, lights
Many motorists improvise with flash lights and sirens for right of way

The Directorate of Traffic and Road Safety impounded 93 motor vehicles on Thursday in an operation targeting motorists with illegal sirens and lights.

Conducted across multiple stations including Wandegeya, Katwe, Kabalagala, Kajjansi, Kawempe, Jinja Road, Kiira Division, Kiira Road, and CPS, the crackdown targeted vehicles equipped with illegal sirens, roof lights, modified lights, and those found violating one-way rules.

According to statements released by SP Michael Kananura, the spokesperson of Traffic Police, the impounded vehicles will face legal repercussions as per the provisions outlined in the Traffic and Road Safety Act and its subsequent amendments.

Drivers involved will be summoned to court to address their violations.

"This operation will persist until all such vehicles are addressed," said Kananura.

He cautioned motorists and owners of vehicles falling into the aforementioned categories to promptly comply with regulations and remove illegal modifications to avoid impoundment.

The crackdown underscores the authorities' dedication to ensuring public safety on the roads, with stringent measures in place to curb unlawful vehicle alterations.

As the operation continues, drivers are urged to adhere strictly to traffic laws to avoid penalties and potential legal actions.

"Statements of the drivers have been recorded and they will appear in court as per the provisions of the Traffic and Road Safety Act," Kananura added.

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