Guard held after mystery bank siege in Soroti

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Guard held after mystery bank siege in Soroti
A guard is closely watched after his arrest | Eddy Enuru

What was initially reported as robbers besieging a bank ended with a staff being grilled on what was really going on

Residents of Soroti City were jolted awake today as the tranquility of their town was disrupted by a massive security operation surrounding Equity Bank.

Both UPDF and police forces were deployed, creating a scene of tension and intrigue.

Reports indicate that a group of thieves had managed to infiltrate the premises of Equity Bank,

As the authorities moved swiftly to contain the situation, traffic came to a standstill along the main streets of Soroti, causing inconvenience to commuters and bystanders alike.

However, no one has been got inside the bank as security interrogate a security officer who was on duty.

Initial reports suggested that a bank robbery was going on inside this buiding



Curious onlookers spent nearly an hour waiting to learn what was going on inside the the bank

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