Thugs slaughter 47 sheep in Kyotera farm

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Thugs slaughter 47 sheep in Kyotera farm
Frank Zalugo (R) with Godfrey Lukyamuzi Lwasa at his sheep farm.

KYOTERA | Unidentified assailants struck the farm of Frank Zalugo in Kyotera District on Tuesday night, leaving a gruesome scene of devastation as they ruthlessly slaughtered 47 sheep.

The thugs left a heart-wrenching scene in Zalugo's farm, his sheep mutilated with intestines and other internal body parts strewn across the ground.

The horrific thuggery in the wee hours of Wednesday morning unfolded in Kikondo Village, Buyisa Parish in Kirumba Subcounty, plunging the community into shock and disbelief.

Neighbours such as Godfrey Lukyamuzi Lwasa recounted the harrowing events which unfolded in the wee hours of Wednesday morning.

Frank Zalugo, the distraught owner of the farm, lamented the loss of his livestock, revealing that out of 50 sheep, only three managed to escape the brutal onslaught.

Despite receiving news of the attack promptly, Zalugo arrived at the scene but unfortunately, finding the perpetrators long gone.

Zalugo said the thugs went with some mutton (meat). He found some sacks of the mutton abandoned near the farm.

Some of the killed sheep drowned in mud at the farm

Zalugo appealed to the government to bolster security measures, particularly by deploying police patrols during night-time hours to curb escalating crime rates in Kikondo village and beyond.

“Last time we were doing community policing and we saw a Fuso truck carrying cows at night but where did they get them from? he asked.

"Here, a vehicle can take animals to Kampala without finding any security that can stop them. In our village, youth drink until late in the night but the question is, after drinking, where do they go? They come to our farms.”

Kikondo Village chairperson Fred Muyanja expressed concern over the surge in lawlessness, attributing it to idle youth in the area who harbor desires for material wealth without engaging in productive endeavours.

Masaka Police Spokesperson Twaha Kasirye confirmed that a comprehensive investigation is underway, with authorities launching a manhunt to apprehend the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

The senseless slaughter of Zalugo's sheep serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for enhanced security measures and community vigilance to safeguard livelihoods and ensure the safety of all residents in Kyotera and neighbouring areas.

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