Stolen police gun recovered after resident thwarts armed robber

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Stolen police gun recovered after resident thwarts armed robber
An officer assesses the recovered gun

Boniface Mutyaba says he was woken up at 2am by the robbers who wore police-issued boots. After fighting them, they abandoned the gun

A lost firearm was recovered by police in Bukomansimbi District following a courageous intervention by a resident during a robbery attempt.

The incident occurred in Kawoko Village, Butenga Subcounty, leaving residents demanding answers from the authorities.

The recovered weapon, stolen from Sembabule District on March 29, belonged to Corporal Jimmy Obia of the Kyaabi Police Post in Kawanda Subcounty.

The firearm, containing 29 rounds, was reportedly used by unknown assailants during a night-time raid on Kawoko Village.

According to residents, the robbers struck at 2am, targeting the home of Boniface Mutyaba.

In a daring move, they dug a hole through the wall to gain entry.

"I slept at 1am but at around 2am, I heard people in my bedroom, I heard someone saying “catch him”, then they flashed a torch at me," Mutyaba narrated.

He said when I looked down, he saw police boots and tried to get out of the mosquito net.

"I fell into his hands then we started fighting and he threw me at the door, we passed in that hole they dug but I thought we had passed through the doorway," Mutyaba added.

However, Mutyaba and his family made alarm and alerted neighbours, prompting them to contact the police.

Despite the timely intervention, residents were left bewildered when law enforcement officers took the firearm but offered no explanation.

"They came at night but they just removed their gun and went away," a resident said.

"Now they have just come back [at 4pm] since last night. They did not help us at all."

Police investigations revealed that the missing gun had vanished during an outing by Officers Jimmy Obia and Chrismass Masereka, who had reportedly gone to a bar.

Both officers are currently detained by the Flying Squad Unit in Masaka pending further inquiries.

The incident has sparked concerns among residents, who are demanding transparency from law enforcement regarding the use of their firearms in criminal activities.

Calls for accountability have intensified as the community seeks reassurance of their safety and the proper handling of police equipment.

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