Mystery of 3am attempted bank heist leaves many baffled

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Mystery of 3am attempted bank heist leaves many baffled
Police laid a siege around Equity Bank branch in Soroti following reports of attempted heist

SOROTI CITY | At least two people have been taken into custody as security investigates a bizarre attempted bank heist that happened at the ungodly hour of 3am.

The identities of the suspects have not been revealed except that they are security guards who were, supposedly, on night duty when a report of intrusion on Equity Bank Soroti branch was reported.

The 3am incident has left detectives with their work cut out, but for the public and its insatiable appetite for curiosity, the revelation that there were neither six armed robbers nor any heist has left many wanting to be divination experts to understand what really happened.

According to ASP Edison Obukulem, the acting spokesperson for East Kyoga Region Police, authorities received information from the community around 3am and promptly besieged the premises.

"We received information at around 3am and our patrol vehicles arrived and surrounded the place, followed by deployment of a sniffer dog but we are still investigating," Obukalem said.

In a statement, Equity Bank confirmed there was a robbery attempt on their branch but said it had been successfully foiled by security agencies.

“No property or lives were damaged or lost during the incident. Security agents led by local authorities are currently investigating the incident. Normal banking services have resumed,” Equity said.

The circumstances surrounding the attempted bank heist remains as fuzzy as they come. Residents of Soroti City woke up to scenes of tension and disruption as a massive security operation unfolded around Equity Bank.

Both Uganda People's Defence Force (UPDF) and police forces were deployed.

The operation was initiated following reports of a group of thieves managing to infiltrate the premises of Equity Bank.

Initial reports suggested that the security guards stationed at the bank had falsely claimed to have been overpowered by intruders.

But when security finally ended the siege by taking down the "robberies", there were none. Instead, a scrawny security guard was detained at the scene.

"One off the guards who was stationed at the bank was called but he claimed that he was admitted to the hospital but when our officers followed up on the claim, it was found out he was lying," Obukalem said.

Francis Erumu, the manager of Equity Bank, confirmed that the thieves attempted to access the bank but were unsuccessful in their endeavors.

However, questions arise concerning the lack of security measures such as surveillance cameras while Soroti City East RCC Edwin Beneza said he was baffled by the fact that the area experienced power outage at the time time the attempted robbery took place.

“I commend the locals who were able to alert security," the RCC said.

Outside the bank on Tuesday morning, locals crowded in verandahs and along the streets, bringing business to a standstill.

The numbers rendered credence to rumours, with allegations that up to six robbers armed to the teeth had locked themselves inside during a heist that had been exposed.

There were no signs of a breakout spot that the alleged six robbers could have taken off through and the finding of a lone guard only left curious onlookers intrigued.

Besides, security sources speaking in confidence said there was no confrontation with no bullet discharged during the siege either.

Detectives are said to be trying to establish how the guards accessed the inside of the bank when their normal duty posting would be outside.

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