Ugandans urged to value families as crucial units of society

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Ugandans urged to value families as crucial units of society
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Ugandans have been urged to value the family as the most crucial unit of society.

Speaking during the media launch of the second edition of the Baby and Kids expo in Kampala on Tuesday, the Executive Director of the National Children’s Authority, Martin Kiiza said everything in society begins in the family and that is imperative that this unit is guarded jealously.

“We must value that unit. When you go wrong from the family, you go wrong in everything you do. That is why you find violence, child neglect and abandonment among other issues in society. This means we need to fully appreciate the child as a holistic human being and protect that child. We shouldn’t take the family for granted,” Kiiza said.

The Executive Director of the National Children’s Authority noted that everything starts from the family and that it should be valued as the starting point for the development of mankind.

Mental wellbeing

Gloria Aminat, the founder of Bora Minds, a mental health wellness initiative said the mental wellbeing of every family member, including children is crucial.

“In many occasions, we take the mental wellness of children for granted but this is wrong. On many occasions we put up many excuses that these are just children. It is very easy for a mother to say their child is not eating and there is always an excuse they give. We should be careful with the mental wellbeing of our children. In this regard we should know that in regards children, we learn on the job,” Akech said.

She said there is need for support from all family members to ensure proper upbringing of children.

The expo

According to Joweria Nabuuma, the Managing Director of Kiara Events Limited, the organisers of the Baby and Kids expo, they aim at bringing together children, parents, and stakeholders to discuss children’s well-being and development.

This year’s expo will run between May 10 and 12,  2024, at the UMA Show Grounds in Kampala.

“This annual event that celebrates children's wellness and joy and  focuses on education, innovation, and entertainment and provides a platform for families, experts, and exhibitors to explore the latest trends in parenting, child development, and early childhood education,” Nabuuma said.

“This year, we're aiming to elevate the experience for our attendees, providing a platform for families to connect, learn, and play together in a way that's both educational and fun. With an increasing demand for baby and child-related products across the region, the expo also serves as a crucial platform for exhibitors to interact directly with their audience, offering insights and special deals on a plethora of products for babies, kids, and expectant mothers.”

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