Ugandan politics a today dramedy

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Ugandan politics a today dramedy
Dr Kizza Besigye

"You want another rap?" a rap song by HE Yoweri Kaguta Museveni could have been interpreted as entertainment by the majority but it had a much bigger motive which was directed to mostly the ghetto.

"The moment I saw Museveni doing a rap song to appeal to the Ghetto people, I realized that this man loves power." Baker Batte, a senior journalist at The Observer Newspaper and news editor said earlier today on the Morning Breeze at the political command centre in Naguru.

On the Media Round table with Canary Mugume, a panel of top journalists; Angelo Izama, a journalist, writer, and analyst, Ivan Okuda, a lawyer and Arbitration Practitioner, and Kwezi Tabaro sat to discuss the current state of politics in Uganda with political party presidents in particular.

"The political space in Uganda is likened to a football game where you have to be in the game that if someone drops the ball, you can take it," Ivan Okuda said. "That's what the good old doctor is doing."

The good old doctor Museveni has for years juggled the politics of Uganda kicking the ball to whoever is ready but working in his favor and on his terms.

In this playfield is Dr. Kiiza Besigye, the former president of the Forum for Democratic Change party. He has been in the field since the main scorer/referee Museveni got into power but has never touched the ball except for a few instances where he has ended up with red cards and injuries; for instance the walk-to-work campaign.

"Besigye has no intention of standing for Presidency again but he still has a group to lead," Baker Batte said. "His group is likely to create a new political party and Besigye is building momentum for the new party."

In the game Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, the President Patriotic League of Uganda {PLU} now appointed Chief of Defense Forces represents the midfielders; juggling the ball between the players {political leaders, parties, voters,} with the main scorer.

"The positioning of Muhoozi Kainerugaba has given people hope that Museveni is ready for a transition so people are trying to align themselves in possible positions," Angelo Izama says.

The remaining part of Ugandans {voters} are the spectators in the last row of the stadium where they can barely see what is happening on the field and have no say over the game.

"Everyone is trying to find space on the political scene and Ugandans are left to live like birds, left to grab what they can get their hands on."Ivan Kunda says.

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