Ssabanyala Kimeze survives lynching by family members

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Ssabanyala Kimeze survives lynching by family members
A chaotic scene at Kimeze's return

The swearing-in ceremony of ministers from Bunyala has taken an unprecedented turn that saw the Ssabanyala, Maj (Rtd) Baker Kimeze survive lynching by his own family members.

The ceremony which was held at the Ssabanyala palace at Kyerima saw relatives object to it, saying it was being held at family home and not the palace.

During the resultant scuffle, the newly appointed chiefdom ministers were thumped and others chased away like chicken thieves by the rowdy family members of Kimeze.

The ceremony meant for the swearing in of  more than 93 Ssabanyala ministers, but invited guests were astonished when they were denied access to the courtyard by Sabanyala's relatives.

“The ceremony has been stopped because this is not a palace. The so called Ssabanyala, Baker Kimeze sold the family land and vanished with Shs5 billion," said Joshua Lukyamuzi Mpagi, one of the relatives.

This  state of affairs forced police to fire tear gas but the relatives continued  causing chaos by stripping naked in front of their brother  Kimeze the cultural leader of the Banyala Chiefdom.

It was police's intervention that gave room to Ssabanyala to escape.

The relatives led by Lukyamuzi said they had been looking for their brother Kimeze  to explain to them about the family land he sold without consulting them.

The family said they had tried to use numerous means, including through top government officials to get in touch with Kimeze, but all was in vain.

The chief guest Public Service Minister, Wilson Muruli Mukasa didnt step foot at the venue but stopped at a hotel in Kayunga and went back to Kampala disappointed.

Mpagi narrated that they are not here to disrupt the ceremony but rather  wanted Ssabanyala to  come out and explain the whereabouts of their share after the sale of the land which covers over 1000 acres at Nabityanka village in Bbale county, Kayunga district.

They said they have  have no problem with his position as  Ssabanyala but rather with the property being sold under unknown circumstances.

Sebunya Nathan Mapagi, the elder brother of Kimeze said he  has no right to sell the inheritance because he is not in charge of the family estates.

The Chiefdom information minister, Derrick Kaddu, reported that the unfortunate incident at the palace is being fueled by Kayunga district politician Mengo. Kaddu revealed that Banyala are independent and they will continue to swear in their leaders next month

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