Rev Can Ateirweho lists priorities as he starts work as Bunyoro Kitara Bishop

Rev Can Ateirweho lists priorities as he starts work as  Bunyoro Kitara Bishop
Rev Canon Jacob Ateirweho , the new bishop for Bunyoro Kitara diocese.

By Alan Mwesigwa

Bunyoro Kitara bishop diocese bishop elect Rev Canon Jacob Ateirweho has highlighted three priority areas, spiritual development, leadership development and infrastructural development.

Rev Canon  the Vicar of All Saints Church, Hoima Town Parish was on Wednesday elected the new Bishop of Bunyoro Kitara diocese.

In an exclusive interview with Nile post, the bishop first noted that his election was a surprise to him.

'If  you asked me whether I saw this coming, I will tell you I never saw this coming. When I saw information on social media,  I doubted it until the Bishop called to confirm the news," he said.

He said his focus will be spiritual development, especially preaching in schools, hospitals and if possible on the because people need to get back to God.

"We have had members join Christ with some getting saved but slide back. As a bishop, I'm going form ways how we shall always follow up our people especially those that take long without coming to church."

"You see our traditional church institutions are under attack by the born again churches. Here  in Bunyoro we have this cult of faith of unity where a person who calls himself God  has a huge following. We  are going to reach out to our members to have them return  to their church."

The new Bunyoro Kitara bishop said he will also focus on building church leaders.

"I will look at making ways to ensure that my leaders further their education especially in leadership because bad leaders can fail growth, but also we want transformed Christians so they need great thinkers."

According to the new bishop, infrastructural development for the church will be key, with  schools and hospitals among his priorities in the diocese.

"We want good church buildings so that our people can worship their God in a decent environment, hospitals and  more schools for the church to bring more income . I want to see my reverends sleep in decent houses, drive good cars while going to serve the Lord among others, but also we will empower our people to work hard and transform their living conditions so that they can support the church.

Rev Canon Ateirweho however, asked the people of Bunyoro Kitara diocese to hold his hand, noting  that serving the lord requires unity and togetherness by all church members.

"I raise my hands for my people to hold them.I  am human being  who needs guidance and support to perform the work of God, come guide me, let's build our diocese. Our  predecessors did their great job, we need to add onto that."

Rev Canon Jacob Ateirweho  will be enthroned and consecrated on August,11,  2024 at St Peters Cathedral Duhaga in Hoima to take over  Rt Rev Samuel Kahuma whose term of office ends in August .

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