NUP claims Masaka has spoken against corruption

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NUP claims Masaka has spoken against corruption
Mpuuga's arrival was lowkey with no crowd to cheer him on.

In the buildup to just concluded Mpuuga’s thanksgiving ceremony, the organisers had anticipated that over 20,000 guests from within Masaka and other parts of the country would attend the ceremony.

Watching the development on television and listening in from local FM radio stations, the mainstream NUP sitting at Makerere Kavule in their own assessment claimed there was a low turn up contrary to the anticipated 20,000 people to attend the thanks giving ceremony and this turned to be some sort of music in their ears.

The NUP deputy spokesperson Alex Waiswa Mufumbiro, who burst into laughter when asked to comment said: “The low turn-up speaks loud and clear that the people of Masaka do not support corruption even when their own is involved”.

Mpuuga was recently sacked from the position of NUP vice president central region on allegations of corruption while he served in the office of the leader of opposition.

Mpuuga rejected the attempt by NUP to equally eject him from his new role as a commissioner of parliament.

He teamed up with Dr Abed Bwanika, Joyce Bagala to create a Masaka based faction holding parallel activities away from the main stream at Makerere kavule.

Mufumbiro hopes Mpuuga and his followers learn from what they call his mistakes and repents.

“I thank Monsignor John Baptist Ssebayiga for starting the mass with repentance, I hope Mpuuga did repent because that is our advise,” he said.

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