Hoozambe video made my boyfriend chuck me - Shifra

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Hoozambe video made my boyfriend chuck me - Shifra
Maria Mutoni, aka Shifra of the Hoozambe fame

By Priscilla Nakayenze

A generation with technology today doesn't delay with trends that make the internet shake and happy. A 21-year-old Maria Mutoni goes viral on social media after a clip of 'Hoozambe' video is uploaded on TikTok.

"Hoozambe, a young talented man, spotted me to feature in his new song named 'Hoozambe' as his vixen," Shifra says during the NBS Uncut show on Tuesday.

Shifra went viral after the clip garnered 20,000 views on TikKok and while she was supposed to be on cloud nine, the downside hit her hard at home.

"It damaged my relationship with my boyfriend who later chucked me for disrespecting him by sitting on another's man's lap yet we have a child together," she says.

With large white eyes, the public just could not have enough to Shifra's lap dance, with imitations of the act appearing here and there, including in Kenya where celebrated entertainment couple Nameless and wife Wahu produced a rendition of the same.

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