Magogo defends league rule after Mulindwa cites Vipers bias

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Magogo defends league rule after Mulindwa cites Vipers bias
Mulijndwa claimed Fufa had used a kangaroo rule to deny Vipers league title

The Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) has responded to allegations made by Lawrence Mulindwa, the patron of Vipers, regarding recent rule changes in Ugandan football competitions.

During a press conference on Wednesday, June 19, Mulindwa accused FUFA President Moses Hassim Magogo of unilaterally introducing new rules to disadvantage Vipers.

Specifically, Mulindwa alleged that FUFA altered the tie-breaking mechanism from 'goal-difference' to 'head-to-head' midway through the season, unfairly impacting Vipers’s standing relative to BUL.

In response, Magogo clarified the sequence of events and defended the decision as both lawful and in line with FIFA and FUFA statutes.

He asserted that the FUFA executive committee, tasked with overseeing rule amendments, duly approved the 2023/24 FUFA Competitions Rules well before the season commenced.

These rules, including the introduction of 'head-to-head' as the primary tie-breaker, were communicated to all clubs in September 2023.

"The spirit behind the change of this rule was to prevent potential situations that could undermine the sporting integrity, such as goal races that might bring the game of football into disrepute," stated Magogo.

He referenced historical incidents, including the notorious '22-goals saga' of two decades ago, as influencing factors behind the rule adjustment.

Magogo also emphasised that the decision to prioritize 'head-to-head' over 'goal-difference' was not aimed at favoring or disadvantaging any specific club, including Vipers.

He highlighted that similar tie-breaking rules are employed in international competitions, such as the CAF Champions League, where 'head-to-head' serves as the primary criterion.

Magogo refuted Mulindwa’s characterisation of the rule change as arbitrary or self-serving, calling upon club executives, including CEOs of football clubs, to ensure a thorough understanding and adherence to FUFA regulations to avoid misinterpretation and confusion.

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