Rotary celebrates Environment day

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Rotary celebrates Environment day
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The Rotary Club of Kinoni in Lwengo district celebrated World Environment Day by planting trees and launching initiatives focused on improving the conditions of the girl child.

The theme for the day emphasized the role of girls in building a happy and meaningful world.

The celebration, held at the Busubi Empowered Community Centre, included the launch of the Rotary-sponsored "Powers of a Girl" initiative.

John Ssentamu, President of the Rotary Club of Kinoni, highlighted the importance of nurturing the potential of girls.

“We want to save the girl child and help her grow with confidence and potential, so she can become a useful woman who can contribute to building a healthy nation,” Ssentamu said.

The event saw active participation from women and girls, led by Faridah Nantege of the Inner Wheel Club of Masaka City, in collaboration with the Rotary Club. Nantege emphasized the importance of building self-confidence in girls to uplift women's conditions and produce valuable mothers who will play significant roles in family and national development.

“Empowering girls will help further uplift women's conditions and ensure they become valuable contributors to society, “she stated.

Paul Nkalubo stressed the importance of environmental protection saying, it will help save our planet from destruction and help farmers not suffer from the changing climate constantly.

" This is particularly relevant as climate change affects the country, with increasing floods displacing locals in various parts of the country. “Protecting our environment is crucial to save our planet from destruction and to help farmers cope with the changing climate.” Nkalubo said.

The tree-planting ceremony symbolized the club's commitment to protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development.

The Rotary Club of Kinoni has been actively involved in various community service projects, including education, healthcare, and environmental conservation.

“By planting trees, we show our respect for nature and take a step towards mitigating the impacts of climate change.” Ssentamu a Rotarian, remarked.

The event underscored the interconnectedness of environmental conservation and social empowerment, particularly the empowerment of girls.

As Uganda faces the challenges of climate change, initiatives like these by the Rotary Club aim to create a sustainable and equitable future.

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