Police accused of targeting NUP for repression

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Police accused of targeting NUP for repression
NUP's Robert Kyagulanyi looks on bemused after Police blocked his convoy from proceeding to Pallisa | Courtesy

The Uganda Police has been accused of selectively applying the law as they continue to frustrate political activity of the Nnational Unity Platform (NUP).

It’s a ping pong game as to whether the young party is legally following the process and denial from security on the approval process.

But as other political players mobilise could be selectively applying the law?

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga, during a news briefing, announced the cancellation of the NUP planned consultative and mobilisation meetings across the country.

Enanga says NUP was not cleared to hold the activities.

"We’ve not received any form of communication from NUP about this planned event," he said.

But this is not true, Nile Post has since received a copy of the letter NUP wrote to the Inspector General of Police dated May 16 informing police of intended activities inclusive of rallies meetings, and radios.

The letter indicates that NUP attached the intended programme and venues.

Enanga, in his briefing goes on to say they have never received any form of communication from the party

But yet still another letter shows police was again notified on the May 23 a day after the disrupted Kamuli programme.

From the look of things, NUP seems to be in the right and police simply frustrating the legal right to organize as a political party.

Busiro East MP Medard Sseggona said the "writing is on the wall" for police.

"They are scared of our activities, they are selectively applying the law. The amount of manpower they use to stop our events is even less than the security we need to carry out events," he said.

Police says they refer their mandate from Section 3 of the Police Act to maintain peace and security, protect people and property.

"We ask where do they draw their mandate to cancel or clear political events that have not even happened," said Ronald Kakungulu Mayambala, a professor of law attached to the the Human Rights and Peace Centre.

After foiling the maiden rally in Kamuli, Robert Kyagulanyi and his NUP team thought they had got it all done when Leader of the Opposition personally delivered a letter to Police headquarters.

However, their trek to Pallisa was met with road spikes, batons and heavy boots as police blocked them at Sezibwe bridge.

Meanwhile, other organisations including People's League of Uganda, Alliance for National Transformation, and FDC have carried out their mobilisations with no fuss.

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