MPs cast doubt on Mpuuga, commissioners censure motion

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MPs cast doubt on Mpuuga, commissioners censure motion
MP Paul Lutamaguzi is one politician who proudly admits to be a 'watermelon'

Legislators have expressed skepticism over a censure motion initiated by Lwemiyaga County's Theodore Ssekikubo to remove Parliamentary Commissioners Solomon Silwany, Esther Afonyochan, Prossy Mbabazi, and Mathias Mpuuga from office.

The motion, which accuses the commissioners of abusing their office by soliciting Shs400 million each as service awards and Shs500 million for former Leader of the Opposition Mpuuga, has met resistance from within Parliament.

Led by MP Lutamaguzi Ssemakula, some members have questioned the integrity and motives behind Ssekikubo's push.

"I support the motion 100 percent, but I will be the last person to append my signature on this motion," Luttamaguzi told journalists, expressing his mistrust in Ssekikubo's consistency, citing a previous incident.

"During the last term, you supported the Opposition to push President Museveni from office, but I was surprised to see you later campaigning for him in Lwemiyaga, shouting 'Museveni oye, Museveni oye, Museveni oye'. Ever since that time, I lost trust in you."

Luttamaguzi also recalled a similar situation in the 10th Parliament, where MP Odonga Otto [then of Aruu County] allegedly solicited signatures for a censure motion against a cabinet minister, only to use them for personal bargaining.

"We were duped by Hon. Otto here for the censure of a cabinet minister. He solicited our signatures and then flew to London," he stated.

Despite the push from Ssekikubo and five other MPs, the motion's success appears uncertain due to these trust issues and past experiences of manipulation for personal gain.

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