We still have big support in Kigezi, FDC leaders Kabale say

We still have big support in Kigezi, FDC leaders Kabale say
Dr Kizza Besigye | Courtesy

THe Opposition Forum For Democratic Change (FDC) leaders in Kabale allied to Katonga faction have given their party a clean bill of public support in the Kigezi sub-region.

This comes after the FDC-Katonga faction led by Dr Kizza Besigye is expected in Kabale tomorrow for their sub-regional consultative meeting with party leaders from Kisoro, Rubanda and Rukiga districts.

The Katonga faction is seeking public opinion on whether they sould proceed to officially break away from FDC main party.

The decision was informed by a March 11 meeting in Kireka in Kira Municipality at which disgruntled party members who left Najjanankumbi following a bitter fallout with Patrick Oboi Amuriat and his secretary general Nandala Mafabi voted for a new party.

Kigezi sub-region is one of the regions where FDC used to have massive support and even now that Dr Besigye is coming to the region tomorrow, leaders are still hopeful that the support belongs to them.

Nicholas Kamara, Kabale Municipality MP, said the fact that Dr Besigye is a consistent politician means his message has been the same.

He said the masses have been following him wherever he goes due to his message that he carries.

Kamara fsaid the people of Kabale and Kigezi at large have greatly been supporting FDC as a party.

“If Dr Besigye's message remains, for me I know that he has massive support from the people of Kabale and Kigezi at large," Kamara said.

"The man who is very unpopular is President Museveni, I may ask why it is that when the Opposition organises any rally, the government always moves in to boycott, I have always asked myself why the government fears Opposition."

“As FDC-Katonga, we are very popular on ground, and we believe that the message Dr Besigye is carrying tomorrow will be received because we intend to go to meet our leaders, hold a rally there after we shall go or radio talk-show."

He said those who cannot make it for the rally can tune in to their local radio stations for details.

"If you want to know that Dr Besigye is popular just pass around Kabale town to find out how people will be listening to radio tomorrow," he added.

Gideon Tumwesigye, FDC vice chairperson for Kabale, said the Bakiga are very ready to receive Besigye.

FDC Kabale, he added, belongs to Katonga faction.

Tumwesigye said after the nationwide consultations, "Ugandans will know what is what".

"As as a party, we believe that we shall revive our support not only in Kigezi sub-region but countrywide," he said.

“We used to have massive support in different sub-regions across the country, through these consultative meetings, I hope that FDC will gain back its support.”

Robert Kakuru, executive director of Kick Corruption, who also doubles as a political analyst in Kabale Municipality, said FDC coming to Kigezi sub-region on Thursday is good since, according to the Constitution, political parties must inform the masses on what is happening across the country.

Kakuru said for democracy to take shape, citizens must make choice of which political party to belong to.

The FDC-Katonga faction consultation meetings started started on March 30 in Kira Municipality and will continue nationwide, with Wednesday's meeting in Mbarara and Thursday in Kabale.

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