FDC Split Looms as Katonga Faction Gears Up for New Party

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FDC Split Looms as Katonga Faction Gears Up for New Party
Dr Besigye on Morning Breeze

A potential fracture within Uganda's opposition party, the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), is on the horizon. The Katonga faction, led by FDC founder Kizza Besigye, is actively preparing to launch a new political party.

Katonga on the Offensive:

Katonga is reportedly deploying coordinators across the country to establish party structures and recruit members. Their primary target: loyal supporters of Besigye.

They are aiming for a May 2024 launch of their new political identity.

Najjanakumbi Unconcerned?

The rival Najjanakumbi faction, led by Patrick Amuriat, appears unfazed by Katonga's efforts. They dismiss it as an attempt to re-energize disillusioned members and claim it has no significant impact on the overall struggle.

Najjanakumbi asserts their position as the true inheritors of the FDC legacy and expresses no worries about losing existing members.

The Besigye Factor:

Katonga's strategy hinges on the enduring popularity of Besigye. They believe his influence will attract dedicated supporters to their new party.

Biriggwa Ssemujju Nganda, a prominent figure in Katonga, confidently declares their faction as the embodiment of the "real FDC," with Besigye at its core.

An Uncertain Future:

The effectiveness of Katonga's recruitment drive and its ultimate impact on the opposition landscape remain to be seen.

A formal split within the FDC could lead to a weakened opposition force, potentially hindering their ability to challenge the ruling party.

Eyes on May 2024:

As the May deadline approaches, Uganda's political scene could experience a significant shift. This story will continue to follow developments within the FDC and the potential emergence of a new opposition party.

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