NRM Gears Up for Growth: Speaker Among Rallies Bukedea for Party Registration

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NRM Gears Up for Growth: Speaker Among Rallies Bukedea for Party Registration
Among validates her details in the NRM register

The ruling party in Uganda, the National Resistance Movement (NRM), is on a membership drive. Speaker of Parliament Anita Among rallied residents of Bukedea District and the wider Teso sub-region to register with the NRM.

This nationwide effort began on March 13th and runs until March 17th. It aims to sign up new members 16 and older and update existing member information. President Museveni, who also leads the NRM, launched the initiative himself, stressing the importance of members who share the party's values like patriotism and economic development.

Among, speaking in Bukedea, praised Museveni's leadership for bringing stability and economic growth to Uganda over the past 40 years. NRM officials are prioritizing transparency in the registration process, overseen by party representatives. Accurate membership records are seen as crucial for the party's credibility.

The NRM Secretary General, Richard Todwong, urged members to actively participate in future elections for the party's benefit. He emphasized loyalty to the party chairman and warned against disloyalty.

The registration process, managed by the NRM's electoral commission, involves displaying membership lists in all Ugandan villages and holding village meetings on March 17th for further discussion.

Senior NRM members and district leaders attended the event in Bukedea, underlining the importance of the registration drive. Speaker Among's message resonated with those present, highlighting the power of shaping Uganda's political landscape through the NRM.

This membership drive signifies the NRM's commitment to expansion and continued progress under President Museveni's leadership.

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