Kobs, Rhinos, and warriors secure Shs400m Rugby partnership with Guinness

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Kobs, Rhinos, and warriors secure Shs400m Rugby partnership with Guinness
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Guinness Uganda has officially announced its groundbreaking partnership with three prominent rugby teams: Kobs, Rhinos, and Warriors.

The announcement took place during a press briefing held earlier today at Pitstop Sports Lounge in Jinja, coinciding with the annual Guinness Fun Rugby tournament currently underway.

As part of the partnership, Guinness will sponsor the three clubs and establish Legends Rugby Grounds in Lugogo and Pitstop Sports Lounge in Jinja as the official homes of Guinness Rugby for the next three years.

Guinness, a well-known supporter of rugby, is demonstrating its commitment to the sport in Uganda through this multi-million-shilling deal worth over Shs400m annually.

During the press briefing, Matilda Babuleka, Head of Beer at Uganda Breweries, emphasized the significance of these partnerships.

"Guinness has been dedicated to the growth of rugby in Uganda, as evident from our sponsorships and partnerships throughout the years. We have sponsored various tournaments, such as the Guinness Sevens and the ongoing Guinness Fun Rugby event. We have also provided support to the national Sevens team, the Rugby Cranes. Now, we are further extending our support to benefit the key stakeholders of the game: the clubs, players, and fans," said Babuleka.

Babuleka further explained that this partnership aligns with Guinness' Black Shines Brightest campaign, which celebrates luminaries in sports and the creative realm.

"By directly supporting the teams and players through this sponsorship, Guinness is empowering them to shine their brightest on the field. Equally important, we want the fans to have the best matchday experiences when they come to support their teams. Therefore, this partnership holds great significance for us," she added.

Under this partnership, Guinness will contribute Shs400M annually for the next three years.

Guinness is renowned for its global support of rugby, as evidenced by its involvement in prestigious tournaments like the Guinness Six Nations Championship.

On a local level, the brand has been associated with rugby since 2007 when it took over sponsorship of the Rugby League from its sister brand, Bell Lager.

Guinness has also been involved with the Rugby Sevens League, organizing the Guinness Rugby Sevens, and sponsoring the national Sevens team.

Additionally, the brand has curated entertaining matchday watch-party experiences for rugby fans, including the recent Rugby World Cup screening and the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Challenger series. These efforts have brought the game closer to the fans and garnered their support.

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