We havent received money from homosexuals-movers of censure motion

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We havent received money from homosexuals-movers of censure motion
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The movers of the motion seeking to impeach the four embattled commissioners of Parliament have dismissed claims of receiving money from the homosexuals to bribe MPs to sign on the censure motion.

The MPs  including Sarah Opendi of Tororo and Odria Arion of Aringa South say such propaganda will not deter MPs from appending their signatures on this censure motion advising them not to be intimidated by such moves.

“I have been informed on how some members of Parliament have been called and told that I have been given money by the homosexuals and that this is the money I’m using to bankroll this process. I don’t have any money and I don’t have any contact of any homosexual because I don’t know any. So let us differentiate corruption and deal with corruption as an issue but not mixing corruption with homosexuality every time an issue is raised," Opendi said.

"If monies were not lost, why are people panicking? I have seen people sending some form of circulars asking members of Parliament not to sign that let’s exhaust this issue internally. Which other internal process do we have? It is  my humble appeal to you that you  to either stand on the right side of the law and do the oversight role even within parliament or this Parliament will be doomed."

Aringa South legislator Arion Odria  dismissed claims of the homosexuals having an influence in this process.

"Homosexuals are not the one who came to Parliament and stole money. It is the Commissioners of Parliament who stole money from Ugandan taxpayers. So we don’t have anything to do with homosexuals”

“This parliament has no homosexuals here and we have not received any money from homosexuals. This is a war, this is a fight against corruption, nobody is going to intimidate us. We call upon on colleagues the members of Parliament who have not reported from recess to come and join us in this fight against corruption at Parliament here."

Odria said as the movers of the motion they are also calling upon the voters and all Ugandans to wake up and call their MPs to come to Parliament and sign against corruption in the Parliament of Uganda.

The movers also disclosed that by close of the 7th day, 131 signatures had been collected and now left with only 46 signatures to go.

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