Uganda Stalls on Tax Bills as MPs Skip Session

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Uganda Stalls on Tax Bills as MPs Skip Session
Speaker Anita Among

Uganda's crucial tax bill deliberations face a major hurdle as a significant portion of Members of Parliament (MPs) fail to attend the session. Speaker Anita Among expressed concern about the low attendance, emphasizing the importance of these bills in securing resources for vital services like roads and healthcare.

The target number of attendees – all 529 MPs – remains a distant dream, with reports suggesting less than 100 MPs present. This low turnout has ignited debate, with opposition MP Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda pointing fingers at the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party.

Nganda suggests comments from NRM chairman Yoweri Museveni, downplaying attendance as long as MPs vote in favor of the government, might be a contributing factor.

Absenteeism poses a significant challenge. The timely passage of tax bills is crucial for government finances. Delays can cripple spending on essential public services, impacting Ugandans directly.

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