Uganda Parliament Demands Transparency in RDC Appointments

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Uganda Parliament Demands Transparency in RDC Appointments
Speaker Anita Among | Courtesy

Speaker Calls for Scrutiny of Qualifications and Due Diligence

Tensions flared in the Ugandan parliament on April 24th, 2024, as Speaker Anitah Among demanded greater transparency in the appointment of Resident District Commissioners (RDCs), their deputies, and assistants. Citing concerns about the qualifications and conduct of some appointees, she directed the Minister for Presidency to provide a comprehensive list with accompanying due diligence reports for all appointees.

Minister Defends Appointments, But Concerns Linger

Minister for Kampala Minsa Kabanda, representing the absent Presidency Minister Milly Babalanda, defended the appointments, emphasizing the President's authority in the process. She assured the House that any issues raised would be forwarded to the appointing authority. However, this explanation fell short for many MPs.

Parliamentarians Demand Action

Several MPs, including Ssekikubo Theodore, voiced strong opposition to specific appointments, particularly Kisa Kyamukama. They questioned the qualifications and conduct of certain individuals, viewing them as disrespectful to the nation and its institutions. Frustrated by the lack of transparency, they demanded the withdrawal of these appointments.

Committee Takes Up Scrutiny

Speaker Among, recognizing the gravity of the situation, directed the minister to submit all relevant documents, including academic qualifications and disciplinary records, for further examination. This task was assigned to the Committee on Presidential Affairs, underlining Parliament's commitment to holding the government accountable for its appointment decisions.

The parliament's stance reflects a growing concern about the selection process for RDC positions. Whether the committee's scrutiny will lead to changes in the appointment process remains to be seen, but it marks a significant step towards ensuring greater transparency and accountability.

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