Oversight Report Reveals Critical Shortcomings in Namboole Stadium Renovation

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Oversight Report Reveals Critical Shortcomings in Namboole Stadium Renovation
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Following an extensive oversight visit and engagements with management at Mandela Stadium prompted by a report from the Confederation of African Football (CAF), Parliament yesterday released its findings, shedding light on deficiencies in the ongoing renovation project.

The report, compiled after thorough scrutiny, affirms that all issues highlighted by CAF were indeed valid and fundamental requirements essential for stadium operations.

It points out that crucial elements outlined in the CAF checklist, such as smart stadium facilities for automated ticketing and fitting, were never inspected, indicating a glaring oversight in project supervision.

In response to these findings, the report recommends an immediate enhancement of project supervision, emphasizing the installation of all available equipment to meet CAF's requirements.

Furthermore, it advocates for transparent reporting to Parliament every week, ensuring continuous monitoring of progress until all stipulated requirements are met and the rights to host matches are reinstated.

In addition to project oversight, the report calls for an interim audit of the funds released for the first phase of renovation, scrutinizing the quality of work, procurement processes, and value for money.

This measure aims to uphold accountability and ensure that taxpayer funds are used efficiently and effectively.

Furthermore, the report highlights the need to investigate the circumstances surrounding the lease acquisition by pioneer bus proprietors, who secured a 49-year lease in the Mandela Stadium parking lot.

Allegations of impropriety have surfaced, with the proprietors now seeking compensation amounting to 25 billion Ugandan shillings.

The revelations from the oversight report underlined the imperative of rigorous oversight and accountability mechanisms in large-scale infrastructure projects.

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