MPs ask religious ,cultural leaders to join fight against HIV

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MPs ask religious ,cultural leaders to join fight against HIV

By Sam Ibanda Mugabi

Members of Parliament on the Committee on HIV/AIDS and related matters have urged religious and cultural leaders to join the fight against HIV/Aids.

Sarah Kayagi the chairperson of the committee made the remarks yesterday during the committee oversight visit in Kamuli and Buyende District where Members of Parliament had gone to assess the status of HIV incidence, HIV prevalence, viral load suppression as well as understanding the impact of HIV on the society.

She further reminded religious leaders of a letter that had been drafted and meant to be read in all prayers sermons around places of worship in the country.

She requested and encouraged religious leaders to rejuvenate and bring back the letter so that they can keep reading it to Christians and tell people on how they can prevent new infections in the country.

The committee thanked the Kabaka of Buganda kingdom for coming up with the Kabaka run every year, which gives time to Ugandans to come together and speak about HIV, and also mobilise resources, which are allocated to the fight of HIV

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