Katikiro of Buganda calls for resizing of Uganda Parliament

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Katikiro of Buganda calls for resizing of Uganda Parliament
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It is reported that the Katikiro of Buganda during his speech while in Luweero at Easter, emphasized that anyone who wants to have issues of governance in Uganda solved including the reported rampant abuse of resources in Parliament, must start by addressing the issue of the bloated Uganda Parliament.

He wondered how Uganda could have the number of members of Parliament almost equal to that of Britain or India. So he underscored the need to drastically reduce the number of MPs in our Parliament. Nothing can be more plausible of the Katikiro for coming out so boldly and emphatically on the issue of our bloated Parliament.

However, his statements seem to be blind to the fact that this issue of a bloated Parliament has been discussed by the public severally to no fruition.

One wonders why Katikiro didn't offer more enlightenment on how what he is pushing for can be possibly achieved.

Secondly, after his address in Luweero, the Katikiro has been meeting a series of Members of Parliament including the top Parliament leadership. Among the MPs that the Katikiro met this week are those who sit in the Parliamentary Commission and who are in charge of the administration of Parliament. He also met MPs from the coveted Buganda Caucus and even those from other regions in the country.

One should wonder if Katikiro seized these occasions that he has been having lately of meeting all these legislators to lecture and urge them on the need for them to initiate the process to reduce themselves in the institution called Parliament.

Knowing how much reverence the Buganda MPs have for Mengo and the seriousness they attach to every word of the Katikiro, Owekitiibwa Peter Mayiga ought just to summon the Buganda Parliamentary Caucus and he gives them marching orders on what they need to do in Parliament regarding initiating the process to reduce the size of Parliament. As a very prominent citizen and public figure who wields a lot of respect and authority, the best gift he can offer to Uganda right now is for him to champion the cause of having our bloated Parliament resized. He can do this through holding instructive dialogue with the Buganda Parliamentary Caucus.

If he does this, he will have for sure moved a boulder that the ordinary Ugandans have been struggling to move and they will commend him eternally.

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