Cash scandals 'could cost MPs re-election'

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In 2017, dozens of MPs and ministers voted in faviour of the removal of the age limit from the constitution and the voters showed their anger in the 2021 polling booths

KAMPALA | Analysts have projected a huge turnover in the next election cycle, predicting that many seasoned politicians will be shown the exit by their very voters.

These say that the leaders need to pay attention to the public onslaughts as they are indicative of the dissatisfaction of their voters and issues at hand to be addressed.

For the past few weeks, X formerly twitter has been buzzing with anger, furry and vitriol following an online protest and confronting between leaders and their supporters in contingencies, telling a story of a dissatisfied populace.

Some voters have taken this a notch higher by publicly insulting their elected leaders

The poor state of roads, a sick health sector, and massive corruption are fueling this anger,

"The whole leadership system in Uganda is dead , it is all self centered , it is self service," said former ethics minister Miria Matembe.

The political direction and voter dissatisfaction in their elected representatives cannot be taken lightly because the last election saw 'tsunami' sweep several MPs off the surface of their constituencies.

At least 24 ministers, including then Vice President Edward Ssekandi, and dozens of legislators lost their seats in the 2021 elections after voters expressed their anger in the polling booths.

The sweeping defeats followed a deeply divisive age limit vote in Parliament at the height of the controversial constitutional amendment to scrap the presidential age limit to allow President Museveni run for re-election.

In Parliament in 2017, the controversial vote was put to aye-nay on the floor as opposed to the usual secret ballot, apparently because the Executive wanted to know who was voting against.

Several MPs and ministers who voted in favour of amendment were later humiliated by the electorate - having consulted them and got a strong no in most parts of the country.

And now faced with another voter ire, Medard Ssegona, MP for Busiro East, says that he understands where they [the voters] are coming from.

“It is an understandable sentiment that takes root in the harsh economic conditions that our constituents face and It’s prudent that as political leaders, we collectively answer the economic questions,” he said.

From voters they came and to them they will return for a fresh mandate in 2026, how will the field look like.

Denis Sekabira, the MP for Katikamu North, said:  “People are angry with us but I am so happy that they are. Ugandans are now more concerned about the way they are being governed. NUP introduced this style of Politics”.

Charles Tebandeke, the Bbaale constituency, said the anger varies from constituency to constituency.

"Actually people are not angry with us, but angry with the system,“ he said.

But can public anger cause a shift in the voting patterns in the next election cycle to breed a new crop of Political leaders?

To election experts the 2026 political chop board is likely not to spare many.

Charity Ahimbisibwe, an election expert, predicts the 2026 general polls will be an "election like no other" we have seen.

In her 1983 address to the conservative party, Margaret Thatcher, the former UK Prime minister said” There is no such a thing as public money, but rather taxpayer’s money.”

The political class’ forgetfulness of this history, and perceived extravagance of the political class might cost it a lot in the next general polls.

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