Next Media set to launch Africa's first Gen Z news bulletin

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Next Media set to launch Africa's first Gen Z news bulletin
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As a futuristic multimedia group, Next Media is set to launch Africa's first Gen-Z News Bulletin on Monday 15th April 2024 at 8 PM EAT dubbed "Next Kulture Konnect" with the tagline, 'On Form To Inform'.

The goal for the bulletin is to curate content for Gen-Zs that not only fire but also mirrors the world we live in today, vibes and champions the stuff that we all stand for; authenticity, inclusivity and making a legitimate difference.

"We are creating a product that will take care of Uganda's youthful population which is largely the majority between 15 and 25," said Group CEO Kin Kariisa.

He made the remarks during the quarterly #NextMediaTalks held at Next Media Park in Naguru.

The bulletin will be done by and made for the Gen Z. In execution, the Next Kulture Konnect team will be guided by the Chief Marketing Officer Danze Edwin, Senior Producer Dorah Atwongyeire and co-producer Kugonza Lotus.

The bulletin will be anchored by Tracy Ikopit, Mark Munanura and MC/ Artist Jokwiz.

Uganda presently has about 1.7 million people above 60 years out of about 46 million people. Statistics confirm that the majority of her population is comprised of youth significantly the Gen-Z.

Next Media chief executive Kin Kariisa at the Next Media Talks on Friday.


The consumption habits of Gen-Z are that they prefer using their phones as opposed to watching television. However, they are at the same time interested and want to know what is going on around the country.

The gap there was identified by the Group informing the decision to curate a tailor-made product for them and reach where they are. The bulletin will be streamed online including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok and Afromobile.

The cost of internet in Uganda at the moment is a bit costly however not far from today, the cost of internet is forecasted to drop almost the cost of oxygen. In that time, the majority of products being consumed will be digital products; in the words of Kin Kariisa, "the journey has to start today."

Next Media Group is hyped for what is next.

The digital scenes keep changing, the Group is however set to keep it at 100% meeting your needs and smashing those expectations. Together we are not just watching the world, we are shaping it. Let's keep standing on business, Peace out!

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