Sanyuka TV partners with Debu & Fi Initiatives to Launch "The Business Class"

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Sanyuka TV partners with Debu & Fi Initiatives to Launch "The Business Class"
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By Elizabeth Tendo

Sanyuka TV, a leading media brand under Next Media, has unveiled an exciting collaboration with Deepening Economy, Business, and Financial Inclusion Initiatives (Debu & Fi Initiatives) to introduce a groundbreaking show called "The Business Class."

This partnership aims to revolutionize business discourse in Uganda and promote economic awareness and better business practices.

In recent times, with the discovery of oil and the increasing cost of living, there has been a heightened interest in economic matters among the general populace.

"The Business Class" emerges as a response to this need, providing a dedicated platform for the trading and business community to engage, learn, and exchange valuable information on standard business practices and available opportunities.

The show will concentrate on critical areas such as youth employment, trade prospects, agribusiness, and wealth creation, all pivotal for Uganda's competitiveness in both regional and global markets.

Leading the program is the esteemed journalist and television host, Sir Simon Muyanga Lutaaya, leveraging his extensive experience in the field to offer insightful commentary and in-depth analysis.

Through "The Business Class," Sanyuka TV and Debu & Fi Initiatives are committed to promoting financial literacy, inclusion, and fostering innovation in the finance and technology sectors.

The show will feature real business players, policymakers, service providers, consumers, and clients, offering practical solutions to trade and business challenges.

Desire Derekford Mugumisa, Head of Corporate Affairs at Sanyuka TV, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, "We are thrilled to partner with Debu & Fi Initiatives to launch 'The Business Class.' This show underscores our dedication to empowering citizens with knowledge and information that will drive economic growth and development."

Scheduled to air every Sunday from 06:00 PM to 07:00 PM, "The Business Class" promises viewers an engaging and informative platform to deepen their understanding of the business landscape in Uganda.

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