PLU condemns corruption as its disciplinary head, Mawanda is remanded

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PLU condemns corruption as its disciplinary head, Mawanda is remanded
Michael Mawanda is facing corruption charges

The Patriotic League of Uganda (PLU) has acknowledged the arrest of  Mawanda Micheal Maranga, their director of mobilization and head of disciplinary committee.

The organization emphasized its stance on corruption and the rule of law while urging calm among its supporters.

David Kabanda, the General Secretary of PLU, confirmed the arrest and reiterated the league's position against corruption.

"In as much as PLU, in the strongest terms possible, condemns corruption, impunity and abuse of office, we also note that Hon. Mawanda is, under the law, innocent until proven guilty by a competent Court," Kabanda stated.

He underscored the importance of due process and expressed confidence in the judicial system, saying, "We also trust that the law shall be applied uniformly and that all those involved in every manner of corruption shall be brought to book."

The PLU leadership urged supporters to remain composed and keep trust in the legal proceedings.

"In the meantime, we appeal to all PLU supporters to stay calm as the Law takes its course," Kabanda appealed.

Additionally, the PLU expressed its gratitude towards President Yoweri Museveni for his commitment to eradicating corruption in Uganda.

"PLU continues to thank His Excellency the president of the Republic of Uganda for the resolve in stamping corruption out of Uganda," the statement read.

They pledged unwavering support to the President’s anti-corruption efforts, with Kabanda affirming, "We pledge our total commitment to His Excellency the President as far as fighting corruption is concerned."

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