Is the world making any progress in building climate resilience and adaptation?

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Is the world making any progress in building climate resilience and adaptation?
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The fight against climate change received a boost at the recent UN Climate Meetings this June, with significant progress made on measuring adaptation efforts across the globe.

This follows last December's COP28 in the United Arab Emirates, where countries agreed on a "Global Goal on Adaptation" with specific thematic targets.

The June meetings focused on developing indicators for each of these thematic targets. These indicators, designed to be inclusive, transparent, and scientifically sound, will be crucial for tracking progress on crucial adaptation strategies.

Notably, discussions also addressed the next steps, including how these indicators will be determined and the technical work required to implement them.

As part of the recent Global Stocktake, the UN Climate Change secretariat is urging all countries to develop National Adaptation Plans (NAPs) by the end of 2025, with demonstrable progress on their implementation by 2030.

These NAPs represent a roadmap for each nation to adapt to the inevitable impacts of climate change. However, the current picture paints a concerning reality. Only 58 developing countries have submitted an NAP to date.

The UN Climate Change secretariat is calling for a significant increase in this number by the 2025 deadline, with demonstrable progress towards implementation by 2030.

In the coming months, the UN Climate Change secretariat will be working directly with countries to accelerate NAP development.

This support will be channeled through its Regional Collaboration Centres, ensuring a coordinated effort to address this critical challenge.

This news signifies a crucial step forward in the fight against climate change. By implementing effective adaptation measures and monitoring progress through clear indicators, countries can build resilience and prepare their populations for a changing climate.

The upcoming months will be critical, as nations work towards meeting the 2025 deadline for NAPs and securing a more sustainable future.

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