One-Year-Old Girl Electrocuted in Luwero

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One-Year-Old Girl Electrocuted in Luwero
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A girl aged one year and eight months has been electrocuted in Kalongo-miti zone, Luwero town council, Luwero district. The victim has been identified as Kevira Nampijja.

This  incident occurred at approximately 10:00 a.m. when Kevira was playing near a grasshopper collection point. She accidentally touched a live electrical wire and was electrocuted. Kevira had been staying with her grandmother, Namayanja Robinah, whose home is near the grasshopper collection site.

Nakalema Eva, the deputy chairperson of Kalongo-miti zone, explained that the grasshopper harvesting site had an exposed live wire that was improperly installed. The site was built by a man identified only as Sam on land rented from Wasswa Richard. Nakalema emphasized that this tragedy could have been avoided with basic safety precautions.

Nakalema urged the community to be vigilant and report any safety hazards immediately.

Sam Twiineamazima, the Savannah Regional Police spokesperson, confirmed the incident. He stated that police have launched an investigation, with officials from Kasana Police Station, including crime scene investigators and detectives, gathering witness testimonies and examining the scene. Dr. Saffi, a pathologist at Luwero Hospital, conducted an on-site examination of Kevira's body, confirming that she died from electrocution.

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