Bukedi leaders ask Museveni to tighten noose on corruption

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Bukedi leaders ask Museveni to tighten noose on corruption
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A section of leaders in Bukedi sub region have asked  President Yoweri Museveni to tighten the noose on corruption especially amongst the political class if Ugandans are to benefit from their taxes.

While commissioning the  newly constructed priest's house in Kiyeye church of Uganda in West Budama South constituency Tororo district, the Bishop of Bukedi diocese, Samuel Bogere Egessa commended the government for the fight against corruption, arguing that the vice is not only sin but also continues to deprive Ugandan of the desired services.

" Uganda wouldn't be what it's today, we would be very far. This is a very rich country but you find that very few people are wealthy and majority are poor. Some people call it embezzlement of funds but me I call it theft" said Rev. Bogere .

The Bukedi bishop asked the president to deepen his search for more victims of corruption to free Ugandan.

" My call is that Mzee should harden. We thank him for the steps so far taken but we believe more victims are still at large," the Bishop added

The minister of defense and veteran Affairs Jacob Oboth Oboth said  that for corruption to be dealt with, the fight must be done without fear or favour.

" Even if I am the one and there are some corruption allegations against me, let the law take its cause. We need this country clean where everyone can feel proud off. Most people want to be too rich. Now I look at myself as the richest, given my background but others, that isn't the case."

Oboth testified how most of the government programs are stalling across the country due to corruption tendencies.

" Corruption has become a cancer that is eating up this country. We don't have enough money to do roads, no medicine in hospitals and other social services. We need to join the president in this fighting against the vise and stop complaining about those arrested. "

The leaders' call comes at a time when three ministers are facing charges of corruption, including one from Bukedi sub region.

They are currently on remand.

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