Govt provides relief items to Masaka flood victims

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Govt provides relief items to Masaka flood victims
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The Ugandan government, through the Office of the Prime Minister Robina Nabanja, has provided critical assistance to over 20,000 people affected by the flooding of Lake Nalubale in Masaka district.

The floods, which devastated the Namirembe and Malembo landing sites, left many residents displaced and their properties destroyed.

In a collaborative effort with the forest department, the displaced individuals have been relocated to state forest land, where temporary shelters are being constructed.

Despite these efforts, the need for food remains urgent. To address this, the government distributed 15 kilograms of flour and beans to each affected household, much to the relief of the fishermen and their families in Namirembe landing site.

“We are grateful for the government’s support during this challenging time, “said fishermen from Namirembe landing site. “The food aid has been a lifeline for us as we rebuild our lives.”

Minister of State for Microfinance Haruna Kyeyune Kasolo, who was present at the distribution, expressed his gratitude to all who have supported the flood victims.

“On behalf of the government, we have provided over 1,000 iron sheets to assist in the construction of temporary homes,” Kasolo stated.

He emphasized the importance of learning from this disaster to improve future preparedness and resilience.

“This situation has highlighted the need for better planning and environmental conservation to prevent such occurrences,” Kasolo added.

Kyanamukaka subcounty chairperson Sayirasi Kalema lamented the environmental degradation that contributed to the flooding.

“Our environment is suffering, and we are seeing the consequences. We must take urgent action to protect our natural resources, let everyone be vigilant and let all participating tree planting avoid relocating in wetlands,” Kalema urged.

Residents expressed their appreciation for the aid provided by government through the office of the Prime Minister Nabanja and Minister Kasolo, but also highlighted ongoing needs.

“We are thankful for the immediate help, but we still need more assistance, especially in rebuilding schools that were also destroyed."

The distribution of iron sheets, however, presented challenges.

Due to the high demand, Minister Kasolo decided to prioritize women in the distribution process, leading to some tension among the recipients.

“We understand everyone’s frustration, but we had to ensure an orderly distribution,” Kasolo explained.

Despite the difficulties, the minister managed to distribute iron sheets, with each woman receiving three.

Following the distribution in Namirembe, Minister Kasolo visited another affected area in Malembo, where he continued the aid efforts by distributing more flour, beans, and iron sheets.

“Our goal is to ensure that all affected families receive the necessary support to rebuild their lives,” he stated.

The government’s response to the flooding of Lake Nalubale underscores its commitment to supporting disaster-affected communities and highlights the importance of environmental conservation to mitigate future risks.

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