Hate speech on the rise, says UHRC

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Hate speech on the rise, says UHRC
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The Ugandan Human Rights Commission has presented to Parliament it's 26th annual report on the state of Human Rights in the country decrying of the increasing hate speech amongst Ugandans.

Handing over the report to the Speaker of Parliament Anita Among, the Chairperson of the Uganda Human Rights Commission Margret Wangadya says their findings indicate that the hate speech has mainly been propagated  in the central region by a section of politicians and some social media users.

"The issue of hate speech of not handled well may land the country into anarchy therefore we need to fight the negative vice for the betterment of our country."

Wangadya said  despite  the significant developments in Uganda's infrastructure, the quality of roads mainly in Kampala, Wakiso and Mukono is wanting.

The report also pinned government entities for hiding or delaying  release of public information whenever contacted by the media houses.

The issue of the right to development and access to government programs has also been highlighted raising concerns of the irregularities in the selection of those benefiting in these government programs.

The report also raised the issue of the stateless communities that being denied government services and rights including the right to vote, education, land rights, marriage rights among others.

Some of the stateless communities include the Maragoli, Sabaot, Bakingwe, Benet, Bagaya and  Baziba among others.

The report indicates that defilement cases have also been on the increase in the year 2023 with 14,846 cases reported at police.

The report also revealed the dire situation in the Ugandan police cells and prison facilities with majority still using the bucket system in addition to being overcrowded.

"Can u imagine the bucket system is still in use in most of these detention facilities. As  government we need to work hard and have better facilities established," Wangadya urged.

Wangadya asked parliament act professionally by acting as a bridge between the opposition and government.

"As Parliament we shall also ensure that in all the bills we process we involve the public," Speaker Among responded.

"On the issue of the stateless communities, I will also talk to the Minister for Constitutional Affairs to fast track establishment of the constitutional review commission to handle the issue of these stateless communities . Recently there is a petition we received from the Uganda-Banyarwanda community complaining about the same."

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