Minister Mayanja denies ordering demolition of Mukono church

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Minister Mayanja denies ordering demolition of Mukono church
Minister Mayanja has distanced himself from Mukono church demolition

The State Minister of Lands, Sam Mayanja, has refuted claims that he ordered the demolition of St Luke’s Church Kirangira in Mukono Municipality.

This clarification follows his recent visit to the area to address multiple land disputes.

During a site visit on May 16, Minister Mayanja, along with officials from the Mukono land office and the Ministry of Lands, addressed grievances brought forward by residents.

One such complaint came from Godfrey Kasango, who accused Rev Kityo Rogers of demolishing his house using a grader.

Kasango stated he had filed criminal charges against Rev. Kityo, including malicious damage and criminal trespass, but no police action had been taken.

“This land issue was earlier brought to my attention by Commissioner RDC Secretariat Buganda Central Region Mr. Mbagadhi Frederick Nkayi in a letter dated September 9, 2023, asking for my help,” Minister Mayanja explained.

Minister Mayanja advised Kasango and other residents to compile a comprehensive petition detailing their grievances by May 22, 2024.

He also promised to invite the Church of Uganda, Mukono Diocese, for a dialogue to resolve the conflict.

To maintain peace, the minister ordered that no changes should be made on the ground and that Rev Kityo’s private armed guards be removed.

However, after the minister's departure, reports of unlawful protests at St. Luke’s Church surfaced, causing chaos and damage to local farms and gardens.

In a statement issued on Monday, Minister Mayanja categorically denied allegations that he had instructed the demolition of the church or encouraged tenants to take over landlords' properties.

“I absolutely deny that I ever told anyone to take the law into their hands. The law should be applied to those responsible for the chaos,” he stated.

Minister Mayanja’s visit aimed to mediate land disputes and find fair solutions for all parties involved, but his efforts were marred by misinterpretations and subsequent unrest in the community.

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