Salam TV elevates coverage of 11th international Quran competition 2024 in Rwanda

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Salam TV elevates coverage of 11th international Quran competition 2024 in Rwanda
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Kigali, Rwanda 

The 11th International Quran competition, held from April 16, to April 21, 2024, drew delegates from across Africa to Kigali.

Hosted at the esteemed Gicumbi District Conference Centre and Camp Kigali for the finals, the event served as a beacon of unity and talent, uniting scholars, preachers, and Quran reciters in celebration.

Under the meticulous organization of a committee led by Sheikh Hassan Nsanzimana, the competition embodied Islam's values of goodness, tolerance, and cohesion.

Participants hailing from over 30 African countries showcased their skills, driven by a deep-seated commitment to their faith and a desire to inspire future generations.

Salam TV, renowned as a premier Islamic broadcasting television in Uganda and Africa, played a pivotal role as the event's official broadcaster.

With comprehensive live coverage, Salam TV effectively shared the competitors' awe-inspiring performances and conveyed the Quran's profound beauty to a global audience.

Managing Director Hajji Karim Kaliisa expressed pride in Salam TV's contribution, highlighting the competition's role in fostering unity and inspiration.

After days of spirited competition, four outstanding winners emerged, each leaving an indelible mark on the audience.

Diop Cheikh of Senegal captured first place with his captivating recitation and impeccable tajweed. Idriss Abdrmane Moussa from Chad moved hearts with his heartfelt delivery, earning second place.

Boubakar Ango of Niger showcased confidence and clarity to secure third place, while 13-year-old prodigy Ali Ismail Hussein from Kenya mesmerized with his mastery of Quranic Arabic, earning the fourth spot.

Amidst thunderous applause, the winners received their well-deserved accolades, symbolizing not only the beauty of the Quran but also the unity of the global Muslim community.

The competition served as a poignant reminder of the enduring power of faith and the timeless message encapsulated within the Quran.

Furthermore, Managing Director Hajji Karim Kaliisa took the opportunity to announce Uganda's forthcoming hosting of the event in October 2024, guided by Sheikh Hassan Nsanzimana and his esteemed team.

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