Arua city embarks on evacuating street vendors

Arua city embarks on evacuating street vendors
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Arua's bustling streets are facing a transformation. Mayor Nyakua's 15-day ultimatum to street vendors has come and gone, and with it, the familiar sight of makeshift stalls. The city enforcement team, backed by security, is now engaged in a battle to clear the city center, demolishing structures that once housed vendors' wares.

This crackdown aims to tackle several challenges. City officials hope to streamline revenue collection, a likely consequence of bringing vendors into established markets. Traffic congestion, a constant headache for Arua residents, is also on the target list. Improved waste management and a more aesthetically pleasing cityscape round out the city's goals.

However, the vendors haven't gone quietly. The relocation plan offers options – established markets like Arua Central and Ediofe, or even shops for those who can afford the rent. Yet, clashes with authorities have been reported, highlighting the vendors' concerns.

Is this a necessary growing pain for Arua, or are the vendors being squeezed out? Only time will tell how this story unfolds.

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