Stop politicising tax collection, says finance committee

Stop politicising tax collection, says finance committee
Traders are not about to concede to the government this time

The Chaiperson of the Finance Committee of Parliament, Amos Kankunda, has warned stakeholders against politicizing tax revenue collections.

Co- chairing the Joint committee on Trade and that of Finance that is hearing the controversy surrounding the issue of striking trader, Kankunda says politicising tax revenue collections will affect service delivery and development of the Country.

To the chairperson of Trade Committee Mwine Mpaka, it's unfortunate that some people are misinterpreting EFRIS to be a tax and this shows that there is lack of information about this system.

"There are a number of Countries implementing this system and we need to learn how best it's being implemented and the challenges we are facing in the implementation of this system," he said.

The meeting was however adjourned for a number of minutes after MPs on the committees questioned the absence of the Minister of finance or any representative from the Ministry of Finance since they are key in this matter.

"We have the trade Ministers Francis Mwebesa and Gen Wilson Mbadi but we need to have the Minister of Finance since the matter is related to policy. We request that you suspend this meeting until when the Minister for finance appears," MP Dickson Kateshumbwa said

Mr Kankunda then adjourned the meeting for eight minutes until when the Minister Kasaija appears for the meeting to proceed.

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