Japan making 'profound difference' in lives of refugees - Minister Aber

Japan making 'profound difference' in lives of refugees - Minister Aber
Minister Lillian Aber

The Minister of State for Relief, Disaster Preparedness and Refugees, Ms Lillian Aber, has said Uganda is immensely grateful to the Government of Japan for the "profound difference" it is making in the lives of reguees.

Ms Aber was on Tuesday speaking at the Uganda Media Centre during which she lauded the East Asian nation for its significant contributions to the ongoing refugee crisis in Uganda.

With 1.66 million refugees seeking safety within Uganda's borders, Minister Aber emphasised the critical role of international support in providing hope and dignity to those displaced by conflict and persecution.

"Japan's unwavering support to the UN agencies intervening in this protracted refugee crisis has made a profound difference in the lives of many who have been forcibly displaced from their homes," Minister Aber said.

The minister underscored the challenges faced due to dwindling humanitarian funding, stressing the urgent need for sustained support to provide basic necessities to refugees.

Ms Aber expressed gratitude for Japan's commitment to alleviating these challenges, particularly through initiatives addressing food insecurity, healthcare, and reproductive health for women and girls in refugee settlements.

Reflecting on Japan's past contributions, Minister Aber highlighted the substantial support to the World Food Programme (WFP) and the UN refugee agancy, totaling $11.4 million since 2020.

She also noted Japan's recent donation of 2,000 metric tonnes of rice, valued at approximately Shs8.5 billion, to provide meals for incoming refugees.

Uganda recently received an additional 30,000 refugees have entered Uganda, fleeing areas of Sudan, Khartoum, eastern DR Congo, South Sudan, and others.

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