Kisoga Town Drowning in Waste: Residents Demand Action

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Kisoga Town Drowning in Waste: Residents Demand Action
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Kisoga Town Council, a Ugandan community established in 2018 with a population of 60,000, is drowning in waste. Residents face overflowing garbage, a lack of proper disposal sites, and the health risks associated with uncontrolled waste.

The situation is dire. Mounting trash accumulates due to the absence of designated dumpsites, polluting the environment and posing health hazards. Limited government funding (only 1.8 million shillings quarterly) and a lack of skilled personnel cripple efforts toward sustainable solutions.

Residents are enraged by the town council's perceived ineffectiveness despite collecting taxes. The growing problem of used plastic bags and diapers adds to their frustration. The absence of garbage collection services due to a lack of trucks and cleaners worsens the situation. Furthermore, the closure of the public toilet forces people to defecate in the open, raising the risk of disease. Unsanitary market conditions caused by overflowing sewage from nearby settlements compound the misery.

The town council chairperson blames the limited budget for their inability to address the situation. Residents, however, see this as an excuse and demand a long-term solution.

Limited efforts like community service programs and waste collection fees for businesses seem inadequate. Urgent action is needed from the local council and potentially the central government to allocate more resources and implement a comprehensive waste management plan. This will not only improve public health but also create a cleaner and more pleasant living environment for Kisoga's residents.

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