Museveni launches National Patriotism Environmental Protection Campaign

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Museveni launches National Patriotism Environmental Protection Campaign
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President Museveni has launched the National Patriotism Environmental Protection campaign aims to promote environmental conservation and patriotism throughout the country.

The launch of the campaign took place at Kitebi Secondary School in Rubaga Division, Kampala. The campaign

During the launch, President Museveni expressed his satisfaction with the campaign's objectives of preserving the environment.

He emphasised the importance of protecting wetlands, lakeshores, and river banks, stating that those who encroach upon these areas are acting against the interests of the nation.

"It pleases me to see a strong effort being made to remove people from wetlands. We have already instructed them to vacate these areas. While the British misled the people in Bukedi, Kigezi, and Busoga, those in other regions have no valid reason for encroaching on wetlands. However, we will compensate those in Bukedi, Busoga, and Kigezi to ensure they leave natural resources," urged the President.

Museveni also highlighted the role of patriotism in fostering prosperity and development.

"The politics of self-interest is crucial, which is why we emphasize the importance of not losing sight of our national identity. Regardless of being Munyankore, Muganda, or Mucholi, one should love Uganda because it holds the key to individual prosperity. Our nation will contribute more to your success than your tribe. That is why patriotism is the first principle of the NRM (National Resistance Movement)," explained Museveni, who serves as the national patron for Patriotism in the country.

He further elaborated on the need for socio-economic transformation, emphasizing the importance of education and self-sufficiency.

"As Uganda stabilized and our productivity increased, we realized that our internal market was insufficient. This led us to seek the regional market, and thus, the principle of Pan-Africanism emerged. However, to benefit from this, every individual must undergo socio-economic transformation by striving for personal growth and education," added the President.

Museveni also called for government schools to cease charging fees, emphasizing the importance of free education for all.

He commended Kitebi Secondary School for maintaining a day-school system, stating that boarding schools only increase costs.

"I appreciate Kitebi for their efforts, although they charge a small fee of Shs450,000 per year. Other schools charge as much as Shs9 million annually. Kitebi has done well by collecting reasonable fees and providing quality education. If Kitebi, as a town school, can accomplish this, rural schools with fewer demands should be able to do the same. We will learn from Kitebi's experience and take appropriate action," asserted the President.

Furthermore, President Museveni advised students to value their lives and avoid engaging in activities that could jeopardize their future.

"Students should not rush into marriage or parenthood. Why hurry? We have lost many promising individuals due to such mistakes," he advised.

The First Lady, Maama Janet Museveni, who also serves as the Minister of Education and Sports, appreciated Kitebi Secondary School for exemplifying patriotism and effectively implementing government programs.

Maama Janet Museveni also emphasized that the National Patriotism Environmental Protection Campaign contributes to the NRM government's efforts to raise awareness about combating global warming on a global scale.

"I commend the NRM government for establishing this national program, which is led by the National Secretariat for Patriotism under the leadership of Commander Seku. The secretariat has been instrumental in promoting patriotism in our schools, enabling young people to embrace love for their country. Creating awareness and instilling patriotism in our youth is crucial for fostering unity, preserving our national identity, and inspiring the young generation to contribute to our country's development and leave a lasting legacy," stated Janet.

The Minister for Presidency, Babirye Milly Babalanda, assured the President of the Office of the President's commitment to support the Commissioner of Patriotism, Ms. Hellen Seku, in implementing patriotism activities across the country.

"The Office of the President is determined to assist Commissioner Helen Seku in her efforts. Her practical and results-oriented approach, supported by the Secretary of the Office of the President, has yielded positive outcomes. We appreciate her appointment to this position and anticipate even better results in the future," said Babalanda.

She also expressed gratitude for the President's decision to appoint additional staff in the RDC Office as Assistant RDC/RCC, which would alleviate the workload and enhance the focus of RDCs/RCCs on key areas.

"One of the Assistant RDCs/RCCs has been designated to popularize and coordinate patriotism activities, working directly with the Patriotism Secretariat," added Babalanda.

Babalanda further commended President Museveni for his efforts to instil love for the country in every Ugandan.

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