NRM Launches Register Update Campaign in Kabale District

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NRM Launches Register Update Campaign in Kabale District
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Uganda's National Resistance Movement (NRM) is drumming up support in the Kigezi sub-region with a register update campaign. The launch, held at the Kabale NRM party office, buzzed with activity as high-ranking officials like David Bahati (Minister of Trade, Industry, and Cooperatives, and NRM Chairperson for Kabale), Chris Baryomusi (Minister of ICT and National Guidance, and NRM Chairperson for Kanungu), and Henry Musasizi (Minister of State for Finance, and NRM Chairperson for Rubanda) took center stage.

This update, initiated by President Museveni in February 2024, is a strategic move for the NRM party, aiming to solidify their base for the 2026 elections. An accurate register will be their compass, guiding them in gauging supporter strength and planning effective campaigns.

Ministerial speeches echoed the importance of the exercise. David Bahati urged Kabale residents to register, emphasizing its role in proper planning and discouraging duplicate registrations. He highlighted how a robust register strengthens party democracy. Henry Musasizi announced training for registration officers in Rubanda, underlining the importance of wealth creation programs alongside the elections.

Chris Baryomusi, on the other hand, focused on the NRM's legacy. He spoke of the party's role in establishing peace and stability, acknowledging past shortcomings in registration exercises and the need for early preparation this time around. Transparency was a key theme in his address. He assured everyone that verification will be conducted to ensure genuine NRM membership. Registration, he reiterated, is completely free, and anyone demanding payment should be reported. Baryomusi also urged participants to maintain a propaganda-free environment during the update process.

The register update will take place from March 13th to 17th, 2024. This campaign underscores the NRM's commitment to mobilizing support and strengthening their party structure, all in preparation for the crucial national elections to come.

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